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Residential adult education for retired people for fun in Italy.

Dei Duchi Hotel Spoleto &

Ovidius Hotel Sulmona

Watercolour and Italian History over two weeks in

Umbria and the Abruzzo

From £1050 | 1st - 15th May | Limit 25 people

(Single supplement £250)





Week one - Ovidius Hotel Sulmona


Join us for eight days in Sulmona next Spring. The origins of Sulmona lie deep in our

history. We know it as the birthplace of the Latin poet Ovid after whom our hotel is named.


Rumour has it that it was founded by a refugee from Troy a man called Sulieman who was

a companion to Aeneas. Livy mentions it in his memoirs because during the Carthaginian

period the city remained loyal to Rome despite the brief successes enjoyed by Hannibal...

The mountains of Abruzzo which tower over the city and give it a unique atmosphere,

provide archaeological evidence to indicate the presence of Oppidium, one of the largest

fortified settlements in central Italy. The relevant area is located higher up on the current

site of the city. The current location of the city is between the two rivers Gizio and Vella. The

rivers are all that is left of a large lake situated here in prehistoric times and released a long

time ago by an earthquake. The Greeks referred to the area as “peline” - a muddy place.In Roman times, Sulmona was the location of three municipalities and suffered several

times from the usual power struggles. Sulla destroyed the place. Pompey located a garrison

here. Eventually he was removed by Mark Anthony on instructions from Caesar. However

a date of historic importance for the city is 43BC, the birth year of the illustrious poet Ovid.,

the poet of love and of Metamorphosis, then exiled to Tomi, in Romania by the Emperor

Augustus. From the initials of the famous half-line “Sulmo Mihi Patria Est” the city has taken

the initials for its coat of arms “SMPE”.


The family who own the Ovidius will do their best to help you enjoy a great painting holiday

Part of the dining room can be sealed off and used as your studio. The area is rich in

scenery and ancient villages... excellent places for painters to explore . Unique settings

including an ancient village which is listed as the most picturesque in Italy. Its a challenge

to your skills. If such opportunities are taken advantage of the hotel will supply you with

packed lunches or direct you to local places for refreshment. We would like to remind you

that we do not supply materials. That is your responsibility.


Week two - Dei Duchi Hotel Spoleto


Over many years we have frequently visited the magnificent line of hill towns that run from Perugia to Spoleto and includes Assisi and Spello. They are all unique.

My favourite is Spoleto. It has an attractive ambience I have not experienced elsewhere.

Ancient architecture and many squares on different levels ensure that every walk you take

arouses your curiosity. Its stimulating. It reminds you that hill towns are an attraction unique to

Italy. Visiting them is essential if you are to understand this Latin nation. Every day spent there is fascinating.


We want you to enjoy the experience.


They are all difficult to negotiate but Spoleto has found an extraordinary way to tackle this... The town operates on three levels with fairly steep slopes and to access these without the need to negotiate the slopes, they have developed a complex collection of escalators like moving walkways. You can access them right in front of the Dei Duchi and move easily from there to the highest level without any exhaustive effort- a truely unique facility that enables you to easily enjoy the sights.


You will spend your holiday at the Dei Duchi hotel. It is a pleasant four-star hotel which will provide a comfortable and temporary home for you.


Quite close to your hotel is the Roman theatre where maybe some festival events will take



During your time here you will be able to access watercolour sessions with Melvyn and

some sessions on the history and culture of Italy. Presentations in audio-visual formats will

be used.


From Spoleto it is possible to travel to other places if you wish, including Assisi, Spello and

Perugia and even Rome by train.


Your stay includes half-board in the hotel with drinks included. The price covers your travel

but not the cost of outings. The budget is based on two people sharing a room, so there

is a single supplement of £100. Space is limited and will be allocated on a first come first

served basis.



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